g.n.a.m. Village – Mediterranean Diet and Biodiversity


Città della Scienza is an active player in  the promotion of a closer  interaction between the agricultural sector and that of life sciences that is the importance of the dissemination of good practices in food. GNAM Village was created to combine the educational offer in the field of agrifood, with the promotion of the excellence of the regional system research and business activities. A real village dedicated to spreading rightful eating habits and enhancing biodiversity, with the objective of becoming the reference point for the Food Education. Mediterranean Diet, declared by UNESCO “World Intangible Heritage”, is the main protagonist of GNAM  Activities Village, focusing on places, protagonists and Good Practices through educational workshops, days of training and events.

GNAM Village is an active and open space to the development of heritage of excellent food. It is placed in  the Garden of Biodiversity, entitled to Angelo Vassallo, mayor of Pollica assassinated in 2010, visitors can experience earth and plant care, thanks to the presence of over 100 Mediterranean arboreal and horticultural species. It will be also possible to discover  the characteristics of other marine gardens with typical plants of different latitudes and learn the fundamental role of bees and butterflies in the ecosystem. In the Square, dedicated to Ancel and Margaret Keys, the “parents” of the Mediterranean Diet, visitors will experience the transformation of the raw materials of the earth: the wheat becomes flour from the mill and flour become dough for pizza or for bread cooked in a wood oven; the milk, with its rennet, becomes the cheese paste; olives during three months a year will become the base to produce the oil with the crusher. In the multimedia room visitors can learn through videos  thematic contents about the Mediterranean Diet, the different cultures of food and the enhancement of dialogue through differences. Finally, in the kitchen, visitors can test their skills with the preparation of the dishes, take part in educational and live cooking shows experiencing  several activities concerning food. Thematic events  dedicated to excellence like tomatoes, cheese, fish products and sweets, constantly animate the GNAM  Village, in order to foster the involvement and education on these issues.


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Features,  themes, variety of educational activities programs for students as well as ordinary people


Work in progress! Updated calendar of next events  we are working on. Our co protagonists: Municipality of Naples,  Campania Region, Universities, research Centres, Enterprises associations, Cultural associations, School.


Cooperation Agreements with all our co protagonist in the rise of the  G.N.A.M. Village.


An first program of events and educational activities that promote full, in the context of Città della Scienza, and in terms of communication and relationshipwith the general public, the profile and skills of Agricultural and Hotel Management Schools.


Some pics of the stages of G.N.A.M. VILLAGE, the Village of Mediterranean Diet and Biodiversity.