Città della Scienza’s Christmas is full of surprises! From December 24th to January 5th, 2020

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Città della Scienza continua a sorprenderti durante le feste natalizie e dal 24 dicembre 2019 al 5 gennaio 2020 ti propone un ricco programma di attività e laboratori scientifici per rendere ancora più speciale questo magico momento dell’anno da vivere insieme ai tuoi cari.
Le scuole sono chiuse, quale migliore occasione dunque per trascorrere una giornata in spensieratezza, divertendoti e imparando qualcosa in più sul Natale, sui suoi simboli, sulle sue leggende, le culture e le tradizioni. Tra visite guidate, science show nel nostro spettacolare Planetario 3D, dimostrazioni e esperimenti non vorrai più tornare a casa!
Che tu sia un bambino o un adulto con voglia di sognare e divertirti vieni a vivere la magia del Natale nel nostro museo.

Città della Scienza continues to surprise you during the Christmas holidays, from 24 December 2019 to 5 January 2020, offering a rich program of activities and scientific laboratories to make this magical moment of the year to be lived together with your beloved ones in a more special way.
Schools are closed, what better opportunity then to spend a day in light-heartedness, having fun and learning more about Christmas, its symbols, its legends, cultures and traditions. Between guided tours, science shows in our spectacular 3D Planetarium, demonstrations and experiments you will never want to go home!
Whether you are a child or an adult with a desire to dream and have fun, come and experience the magic of Christmas in our museum.

Here are some of the news you will find in our Planetarium:

  • 3D Planetary Show “Hidden Universe”: An extraordinary journey into the deepest Space, an adventure in the most remote regions of our Universe thanks to real images captured by the most powerful telescopes in the world – and seen for the first time on the screen and in IMAX 3D . Breathtaking 3D and high resolution images of Space to explore the first galaxies, watch the stars rise, travel the surface of Mars and admire beautiful images of the Sun and celestial structures light years away from us. A new vision of the origins and evolution of the universe.
  • Live Show 2D Planetarium Live “The Christmas Stars”: During Christmas’ time, it is natural to immediately think of the bright star that would guide the Three Kings on their long journey from the East to Bethlehem. Under what sky did the Magi travel at the time, so just over 2000 years ago? Was the sky of the Magi the same as what we see today? They followed the bright star, but where was the Polar Star? Was it the same as today? Answers to these and other questions about the astronomical, therefore also cultural, importance of the winter sky will be given to the public during the live show at the Planetarium curated by the Neapolitan Amateur Astronomers Union (UAN). Visitors will get a December sky map, with the largest constellations and the brightest stars.
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Museum offers special activities:

Vital Space: A game-tale about existence in all dimensions. Gathered at a multimedia laboratory (microscopes, experiments, exhibit) table of game-science narrative, centered on the birth of life on our planet and the possibility of its existence elsewhere in the cosmos.
To win you have to change your DNA first to be able to live on a planet in the range of habitable planets.
Insettigator – The Anatomy of Insects: Entomological game / challenge through which participants will take on the role of scientific investigators with the task of identifying various species of arthropods, using dichotomous keys that take into account different anatomical elements.
For children aged 8 and up, maximum 15 children per shift
Sparkling Stars!: Tinkering workshop that provides for the creation of a personalized light ticket to light up Christmas with the wonders of coding.
Tombola of the Sea Chemistry: For children aged 6 and up Max 10 children in turn
Bingo themed to discover curiosities about animals and elements of the periodic table.
For children we have dedicated the Animated Christmas Readings, so inspired by the words of an animated fairy tale, they will be able to create a personalized drawing on the theme and Cloud and Water a laboratory where children go barefoot inside a white cloud … listening about water and air to know the evaporation and the formation of white clouds …
Know the water cycle to understand how this element is precious, neglected and taken for granted.

Sunday 5 January 2020, from 10.00 am to 2.00 pm, the Epiphany Festival will close the Christmas program and for the occasion all children up to 12 years of age will enter for free!
We will wait together between science and fun for the arrival of the old woman most loved by all children. We will give socks full of goodness and chocolate kindly offered by Dolciaria Pezzella.

As always it will be possible to take guided visits to the Interactive Museum on the Human Body and to tMare, Paleomare, Insetti & Co, Bike exhibitions and as part of the Futuro Remoto Extra program, it will also be possible to visit “Essere 4.0 Expo” – the exhibition dedicated to applications 4.0 industry with many fascinating exhibits from research centers, industries and laboratories.
Lots of surprises await you!
Watch the complete program and choose the activity you like best.

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