At Città della Scienza this weekend we celebrate the World Sight Day. Discover all the activities!

Come and discover this weekend’s program at Città della Scienza, to learn through game and interaction. We celebrate World Sight Day together with a rich program of dedicated workshops and activities!

Great new activities this weekend at Città della Scienza. On the occasion of the World Sight Day, celebrated on October 12, there are so many games to test your sight and to find out how optical illusions deceive the human visual apparatus, causing it to perceive something that is not present or that in reality manifests itself differently . So, look at the program!

Do men see in the future? Well, our brain anticipates a few milliseconds of sight thanks to optical illusions. We try to find out more through the activity “the illusion of the senses”. For the younger and more technologically advanced, here’s the “eye color genetics”, so many apps to play with the color of the eyes and find out how the transmission of this inherited character happens.

Additionally, you should not miss the lab “the world seen with the eyes of animals” to compare human vision with that of the most well-known animals; “3D holograms for Smarthphone and tablet,” with the construction of a low-cost holographic projector capable of materializing 3D holograms.

Corporea and Planetarium

there will be a visit to Corporea, the first interactive human body museum in Italy, and the 3D shows of the new Planetarium. Also, do not miss the new 2D show of the Planetarium “From Earth to the Universe”, for a wonderful trip between the myths and mysteries of the night sky.

“Nature” and “Artic”, new exhibitions to be discovered

Discovering the meaning of the four elements water, fire, earth and air thanks to the new exhibition Cambiare modo di pensare. Imparare dalla natura, by Goethe Institut. Travelling towards  North PoleArtic Interactive exhibition, in collaboration with CNR.

Coming to Città della Scienza is easier during weekends

New bus 507 line to come to Città della Scienza on holidays and sundays

ANM – Neapolitan Society for Transportation – 507 line has been activated every 19 minutes.

Città della Scienza provides to  ANM subscribers a discount of 2 euros for Science Centre ticket and 1 euro on reduced ticket as well as on combined Science Centre plus Planetarium.  More Info

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