BE LIKE A WOMAN: harmony of differences

BE LIKE A WOMAN: harmony of differences


Città della Scienza March 8th, 2016
from 8 pm to midnight

At Città della Scienza a night of celebration to discover analogies and differences with researchers, scientists, actors, musicians, dancers to affirm that:
Woman and man, the real wealth is variety.

Male and female are implicit in the nature of human beings, or are ways to be due only to cultural conditioning?



Anna Di Cosmo – Biology Dpt  –  Federico II University

Mamma or Mammo? Parental care in the seaworld
Paola Masucci  Gaiola onlus Study Centre

Animals as we are
Paolo Cresta and Carlo Lomanto

Observatories, astronomical, astronauts
Annamaria Saccà and Simona Cristina UAN – Unione Astrofili Napoletani

Female and male: harmony of differences
Mikela Palmieri and Danza Creativa

Are you a mussel… female or male?
Rosa Procolo – Innovazione Didattica – Città della Scienza

ZUU: fitness in the animal world
Serena Bellezza,Club Virgin Active Napoli

About taste: woman and men … tasty differences?
Roberta Correale di Fondazione Idis – Città della Scienza

XX e XY: così similiar, so different
Rosa Procolo, Fondazione Idis Città della Scienza

Female and male in animal world
Patrizia Colone di SIUA – Scuola Interazione Uomo Animale


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