BIOTECH WEEK | 28 and 29 September 2019

Let’s celebrate Biotech Week together: a week of events and shows, spread over four continents and dedicated to  biotechnologoes’ world.

What lies behind this complex word? What are the different areas of application? How can they improve the quality of life for all of us?
Città della Scienza also participates in European Biotech Week, whose promoter and coordinator at the national level of the initiative is Assobiotec, National Association for the Development of Biotechnologies which is part of Federchimica, proposing activities, in-depth studies and meetings with biotechnological experts.
The scientific dissemination event was launched in Canada in 2003 and arrived in Europe in 2013 by the will of EuropaBio – Association of European bio-industry, on the occasion of the 60th anniversary of the discovery of the double helix structure of DNA.
Since its first Italian edition, Biotech Week has been coordinated and promoted nationally by Assobiotec-Federchimica.
Since 2016 the week is Global: in different continents, in fact, on this same day, this anniversary is celebrated, giving life to a real “Global Biotech Week”, testifying to how biotechnology represents a resource without borders, capable of offering solutions to the great challenges of society worldwide.
All editions have been very successful with hundreds of events across Europe dedicated to technologies, people, companies and organizations active in the various biotech sectors.
The event obtained in Italy in 2015 the “Medal of the President of the Republic” as a representation prize.
The seventh edition of the European Biotech Week will be held from Monday 23 September to Sunday 29 September. With over 90 events scheduled throughout our country, Italy remains the European country with the largest number of events aimed at a vast and heterogeneous audience: researchers, students, institutions, enthusiasts, businesses, families, just to name a few.
The event can be cited, followed and commented using the hashtag #biotechweek and using the Facebook Tags @BiotechWeekEU @AssobiotecNews @EuropaBio and the Twitter Tags @biotechweek @AssobiotecNews @EuropaBio.
To find out about all the events in the Italian program, see:

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Adults 10 € - kids (3/17 yrs) and over 65 yrs  7 € 

Adults and kids 

Adults  13€ - kids (3/17 yrs) and over 65 yrs  10 €


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