Book Presentation “The Curse of Steel”: January 23, 2019

At Città della Scienza we use often to host Super Heroes studying the science behind their superpowers but next Wednesday, January 23rd, at 7 pm at the Circolo Ilva di Bagnoli we will meet a very special one living in the pages of the ‘Curse of the Steel’.

A beautiful story of resistance and willpower and of the eternal struggle of good against evil. A book that draws attention to Bagnoli, one of the most beautiful and painful stories of Naples, which launches a message of great hope, means you never to give up and fight until the end.
The book is written by Oreste Ciccariello with the preface by the magistrate Catello Maresca and was born from an idea by Gigi & Ross.  It tells the story of Massimo Mancini a modern superhero who like all the superheroes of Marvel has name and surname with the same letters; Massimo fights against the Italsider ecomostro for love towards his territory but also because influences his life by taking away pieces of love and heart.
As the protagonist of the book, endowed with that resilience necessary to struggle and survive the difficulties, Città della Scienza believes in the truth and in the battles for a better future without stopping in front of obstacles and convinced that a happy ending can exist.

Gigi & Ross showmen, Catello Maresca Deputy Procurator of Naples, Giuseppe Russo General Secretary of Città della Scienza and Pippo Pelo Speaker Radio Kiss Kiss will be present at the presentation.

la maledizione dell'acciaio circolo ilva
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