Campania NewSteel, presented the certified incubator under the Growth Decree 2.0

Campania NewSteel, the certified incubator under the 2.0 Growth Decree promoted by Città della Scienza and University of Naples “Federico II”, was presented today, Wednesday 19 July 2017, to the Industrial Union of Naples.

Campania New Steel is a tool to connect startup and spinoff with opportunities for technological and business development and one of the leading national structures to support the birth and development of innovative new businesses.

Edoardo Cosenza, president of Campania NewSteel, stressed the timing and effectiveness of the action that led to the birth of the certified incubator. Vincenzo Lipardi, secretary general of Città della Scienza, explained that Campania NewSteel “tries to reverse the trend towards the de-industrialization of our land. In Campania we boast an impressive innovation ecosystem. In this framework, BIC has helped to create 150 startups and about 1500 jobs, without forgetting the AIC – Area Industria della Conoscenza, a worldwide value center such as D.RE.A.M. FabLab and the Academy and the international technology transfer center. Naples can become the leader of a new major re-industrialization plan starting from these reference centers”.

Ambrogio Prezioso, president of the Industrial Union of Naples, praised the action that “with Corporea, Planetarium and many other important initiatives gives birth to a sort of ‘smart gulf’ on which quality projects can be realized”. Gaetano Manfredi, rector of the University “Federico II” of Naples, highlighted the importance of having “a certified incubator filling the gap below Garigliano. Our heritage is young talents well formed by our universities. Transforming this heritage into development is today’s great challenge. Naples is the driving force of change for the South. Having an ecosystem that produces successful startup and with interesting projects is paramount”.

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