A delegation of China Science and Technology Exchange Center CSTEC in visit at Città della Scienza

A Chinese delegation from China Science and Technology Exchange Center CSTEC coming to Città della Scienza, next September 25th

On 25th  September 2014, from 10 am to 1pm in Openheimer hall, Città della Scienza welcomes the delegation of the China Science and Technology Exchange Center-CSTEC, agency of the Museum of Science and Techonology, expert in politics of science communication that works in close connection with China’s science centres.  CSTEC is represented by Ma Zongwen, Project Manager of Science Communication Division, Mr. Xu Jiajun, Director of Planning Division, Mr. Don Quanchao, Associate Research Fellow of Science Communication Division.

The meeting will lead to a the creation of a working relationship for the exchange of exhibitions and scientific activities between Città della Scienza and the main Chinese organizations that deal with science popularization.

Participation in the next edition of the “National Science Week”, the largest public event in China dedicated to science, will be one of the subject of the meeting. It is an event  organized by the Beijing government, and in particular by the Ministry of Science and Technology, by the Propaganda Department of the CCP Central Committee, the Association for Science and Technology and other 16 departments of the central government. Since 2001, the “National Science Week” has become an extraordinary celebration of science with over 10,000 events across the country.

At the end of the meeting a Memorandum of Understanding will be signed,  including criteria and procedures of this new phase of scientific cooperation between Italy and China.

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