Città della Scienza: cultural hub for Mibact

A Multimedia Room has been inaugurated today January 18, 2020  in Città della Scienza within Cultura Crea Program launched by the Ministry of Cultural Heritage and Activities and Tourism and managed by Invitalia.

The new multimedia room, which starts with a project linked to the enhancement of the historical roots of the Mediterranean diet, actually represents the first nucleus of a wider and strategic collaboration, in which Città della Scienza assumes the role of cultural hub for Mibact about the innovative enhancement of the Heritage of Cultural Heritage, especially of the South, and the creation of a fabric of work and mobilization of social energies in the name of culture.
In this perspective, Città della Scienza is configured as a permanent attractor for the synergistic involvement of the main actors both in the Phlegraean territory and its Archaeological park, and in the area of ​​Pompeii, Herculaneum, Oplonti.
The inauguration was followed by a discussion on the opportunities offered by the Misura Cultura Crea for the enhancement of the cultural heritage of the South with some experts like Marco Cinquegrani, Cluster Tiche, Luigi Nicolais, President of the Carditello Foundation, Pietro Folena, President of the Metamorphosis Association, Vittorio Fresa, Head of Invitalia Innovation Incentives and of the President of Città della Scienza Riccardo Villari, who said: “Città della Scienza is a candidate as a hub capable of integrating the many cultural subjects of the territory creating a critical mass that can cooperate, collaborate and make a system, overcoming the pulverization of realities and creating a network for the strengthening and enhancement of each subject and an entire cultural system. Contributing to the dissemination of knowledge aimed at enhancing the entire cultural chain is the contribution that Città della Scienza intends to give, starting from our very rich territory “.

Città della Scienza: da oggi è hub culturale del MiBACT

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