Città della Scienza is waiting for you at COMICON


Città della Scienza waits for you at the 21st International Show COMICON, at Mostra d’Oltremare in Naples (Hall 1 – Kids Area and Exhibitions), from 25 to 28 April 2019, with a program of activities and scientific demonstrations on Superheroes!

Our “crazy” scientists will offer all visitors engaging shows, experiments, scientific laboratories but above all lots of clever fun.

In our corner it will be possible to understand how much science is hidden behind famous superheroes like the Hulk and his incredible strength, Mr. Fantastic, of the fantastic 4, Ant-Man and Tempesta of X-Man, the fascinating character with the ability to control the climate and atmospheric elements, which will be the starting point for reflecting together on the man-climate relationship and on climate change (presumed or real) in progress. It will also be possible to participate in scientific games and live quizzes, try out various scientific disciplines, challenge your friends and win prizes and gadgets!

Four days of pure fun in the name of knowledge and culture for adults and children as the charme of science has no age!

The “Superheroes of Science” is also the theme of the 21st edition of the Imago Comics and Graphics competition, created this year with Città della Scienza and born from an idea by the writer Maurizio Ponticello, in collaboration with COMICON and Rossitecnica. Superheroes and science have always gone hand in hand: often, in fact, both their powers and those of their antagonists derive from scientific experiments. A superhero, however, is much more: he knows that his powers also involve great responsibilities, and for this he launches courageously headlong into missions to protect humanity from monsters and aliens, from super-criminals and from disasters of all kinds. And what if, on the other hand, the most dangerous supervillain of all was ignorance? With what weapons could our Superheroes fight Enemy number 1 if not with the power of Knowledge, Culture and Science? With their discoveries, they would illuminate the world in which, increasingly, in the era of the spread of fake news, the darkness of ignorance is growing.

 Imago asked all the participants of the competition to give shape to the Superhero of Science. The projects will be unquestionably selected by a commission of experts based on the aesthetic, conceptual and technical quality, will be exhibited at COMICON (from 25 to 28 April 2019) and voted by visitors. The Authors who have received the greatest number of preferences from the “Popular Jury” will win. For this 2019 edition of the Imago competition, Fondazione Idis-Città della Scienza will award a special prize to the work which, according to a committee nominated autonomously by Fondazione Idis, embodies the qualities of a Superhero that can be a Mascot for the aforementioned scientific center whose logo, an S, links the words Science and Superhero.

The award ceremony is scheduled for 5.30 pm on 28 April, in the presence of institutions, organizers and partners of the competition at the Mediterranean Theater in Sala Italia.

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