D.RE.A.M. Academy: towards second edition

The partnership between Città della Scienza, Legacoop and Coopfond is consolidated focusing on advanced training and professions of the future. Towards second edition of the DREAM Academy, the advanced training course in Design Research and Advanced Manufacturing. The new edition of the course, which starts on May 6th, uses the financial support of Legacoop and Coopfond which, as for the first edition, have decided to invest in the professions of the future by making 10 scholarships available to their cooperatives to participate in the training.

The DREAM Academy is a high-level training program organized in collaboration with the University of Naples Federico II dedicated to the subject of advanced manufacturing.

The Academy, thanks to an international faculty, aims to foster the development of innovative skills, which allow participants to work effectively in the field of advanced manufacturing, making them bearers of original and innovative ideas and projects that can be applied in world of industry, craftsmanship and research, or can lead to business creation paths.

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The Academy is aimed at students, graduates, researchers and professionals interested in developing or consolidating their skills and knowledge in the field of design. It provides 8 months of training, with an average attendance of 3 days a week, and is divided into 4 training courses:

  • Design for Health Accessibility (DHA) -  – design of biomedical devices for accessibility
  • Design for Fashion and Furniture (DFF) - design in the fashion and furnishing complements sector
  • Design for cultural heritage and museum exhibit (DCM) - design of innovative and interactive spaces for museum exhibits
  • Design for Advanced Architecture (DAA) - design in the fashion and furnishing complements sector

Innovation and training – says Aldo Soldi, General Manager of Coopfond, Legacoop’s mutual promotion and development fund – are the keywords with which even cooperative companies intend to face the future and the Dream Academy represents a concrete and important opportunity“.

Mario Catalano, president of Legacoop Campania: “Without innovation and training it is impossible to face the challenges of the market and the indispensable themes of development and growth, even for the cooperative enterprise. The Dream Academy, in this sense, is a real opportunity to be seized “. “In the era of the fourth industrial revolution – says Giuseppe Albano, Commissioner of Città della Scienzatraining represents one of the most complex challenges for companies and research centers. In the changing world, it is unthinkable that a company can be managed with the same tools as in the past, so that in this new scenario, the formation of the human capital of companies becomes important “.

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