FIRST LEGO LEAGUE, first time in Naples
semi-final match

Città della Scienza hosts the challange of designers’ of Future

Next February 15th,  2017,  The First Lego League Sourthern  qualifiy challange will take place for the first time in Naples at Città della Scienza; a worldwide contest about science and robotics open to guys from 9 to 16 years belonging to over 70 countries from all around the world asking them to be scientists and engineers. Every year the challenge is on a different issues, this year the topic is è Animal Allies, and participants should solve a current problem. They should build, test and code a robot using Lego Mindstorms technology, to solve some missions of the challenge.  The event is characterized as by First Lego League’s values such as: celebrating dicovery, team working and  “gracious professionalism”. Associazione Officine Leonardo is the regional partner of the event.




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