Halloween Party 2018! Sunday, 28 October 2018

Next October 27th and 28th Città della Scienza celebrates  Halloween, the Anglo-Saxon event that is one of the most loved by children. Two days of activities, workshops, demonstrations and experiments.

You are officially invited to the Halloween party to be held on Sunday 28th October 2018 from 10 am to 2 pm in all the exhibition areas of the Science Center and the Space Gallery of Città della Scienza! As always, our parties combine fun and knowledge with the conviction that through games and direct experience children, but also adults, learn more and more incisively.

We celebrate Halloween in our own way, according to the mission that belongs to us. Bats? For us, they are Chiroptera! Pumpkins? Do you mean, perhaps, Cucurbitaceae? Fear? It’s an emotion linked to our hormonal system! So much science, but so much fun waiting for you! If curiosity is your hallmark and seek science everywhere, reach us and we will answer all the terrifying questions!

A rich program awaits you including “Underground creatures”, a scientific study during the guided tour of the permanent exhibition “Bugs&Co”, a journey to discover worms, earthworms, insects, snails and other amazing animals living underground.

But also space for creativity with “Mexican skulls”: in Mexico there is a culture on the “World of the Death”. Be inspired by Mexican colors and traditions, to make and paint masks with skulls!

But also a lot of suspense with Investigations on the crime scene: the experience is focused on solving an imaginary crime starting from the observation of the crime scene, investigating the chemical and biological traces present and their subsequent analysis. The findings will identify the presence of DNA and biological fluids (blood etc.) and drugs, gunpowder, etc that will be analyzed to trace their nature. The public will be involved in the first person participating in the various stages of the exercise practice. Participants wearing shirts, masks and gloves will take part in the crime scene and will take part directly in the various phases of the analysis of the finds.

Moreover, a big news awaits you with the 2D Planetary Live Show “Life and Death of a Star” free flight among the most famous constellations, we will retrace all the stages of the life of a star, from birth to death.

BIT, the mascot of Città della Scienza, the most loved by all children will question all with BIT’s Monstrous Rulers.

And if, there at the back of the wardrobe, you have a beautiful themed costume, what are you waiting for to wear it? With a mask, the fun is even bigger!

Check the rich program to discover great events, scientific laboratories,insights,  guided tours and much more!

SPECIAL CHILDREN up to 12 years of age can enter for FREE!


Adults 10 € - kids (3/14 yrs) and over 65 yrs  7 € 

Sunday October 28th, 2018: CHILDREN FREE up to 12 years

Adults and kids 

Adults  13€ - kids (3/14 yrs) and over 65 yrs  10 €




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