Imago 2019 Competition: Science Superheroes

Comicon - Imago 2019 - Città della Scienza

We are happy and honored to be the protagonists of the 21st edition of the Imago Comics and Graphics competition!

The competition, born from an idea of ​​the writer Maurizio Ponticello, in collaboration with COMICON and Rossitecnica, will have as theme: the Superheroes of Science!
Superheroes and Science have always run together: often, in fact, both their powers and those of their antagonists derive from scientific experiments. A superhero, however, is much more: he knows that his powers also involve great responsibilities, and for this he launches courageously headlong into missions to protect humanity from monsters and aliens, from super criminals and from all kinds of disasters.

What if, on the other hand, the most dangerous Supervisor of all was ignorance? With what weapons could our Superheroes fight Enemy number 1 if not with the power of Knowledge, Culture and Science? With their discoveries, they would illuminate the world in which, increasingly, in the era of the spread of fake news, the darkness of ignorance is dominant.

Imago asks all of you to give a shape to this character, a Superhero of Science,  who embodies the attention towards science and technology, that is those who, every day, devise new experiments and employ innovative ways to improve the quality of our life. Inspired also by the luminaries of science of all times, the goal is to represent a figure that stimulates new generations to push them to solve the great problems that afflict humanity: pollution, climate change, hunger, old and new diseases , etc., exactly like the Superheroes who, thanks to their comic adventures, teach us empathy, courage and justice.

The Imago Competition is realized thanks to the support of: Matrici cultural Association, Italian School of Comix, ILAS Study Center, Taverna del Gargoyle, Gino Ramaglia.

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