Meeting “MENINGITIS: EPI- Demia or EPI – Media?”, April 26th at Città della Scienza


Next April 26th , 2017 at 11 am, at the Theater Galilei of Città della Scienza in occasion of the World Day Against Meningitis, there will be “MENINGITIS conference: EPI- Demia or EPI – MEDIA?”.

A word game held to emphasize that meningitis is indeed a terrible and insidious disease because early symptoms are similar to those of the common flu, but it is true that we can not speak of an epidemic as often the media do creating misinformation in population. Meningitis is a contagious disease, but fortunately preventable.

This opportunity to study wants to clarify the issue meningitis, and what are the current knowledge and care and prevention strategies, comparing them with diffuse, and too often confused, convictions of the population in this regard, without neglecting the role of media in communication.


The World Day Against Meningitis will be celebrated in Corporea next April 26th, will then be opportunity to correct information about the disease and promote prevention directed especially to a young audience made up mainly by students.



• Prof. Maurizio Bifulco, Moderator

• Prof. Silvano Esposito: “Clinical Aspects of meningitis” 15min

• Pasquale Pagliano: ” Meningitis” 15min

• Marina Melone: ​​”Meningitis: prognosis and possible complications” 15 min

• Francesco De Caro: “The epidemiological investigation and management of a case” 15min

• Biagio Dommarumma: “The Meningitis studied by a student” 15min

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