“Napoletani en Barcelona”
documentary next May 24th

Sunday, May 24th at Città della Scienza there will be the presentation of the documentary “Neapolitans en Barcelona” directed by Marco Rossano. The documentary is a visual sociological essay, integrated as part of a larger research project on which Marco Rossano is working at the University of Barcelona. The Neapolitan community living in Catalonia is protagonist of the transnational migratory movements that characterize our age and that, unlike what happened in the past, thanks to new technologies and means of transportation is able to be in contact to the land of origin and, often, strengthening it through the revision of its identity in the new context. What does it mean to be Neapolitan abroad? What do they do? What are the opportunities to meet? Which activities? Why did they leave Naples? Which relationships with their city? What the differences and what the similarities between Naples and Barcelona?



“Napoletani en Barcelona” Trailer


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