PHYSICS SEMINARS, digital edition 20_21

SEMINARI DI FISICA 2020-2021_eng

The cycle of Physics seminars, aimed at high school students, continues this year with online meetings: we are far but close in this second part of the school year affected by Coronavirus.

The program of the Cycle is by the Federico II Physics Department, the National Institute of Nuclear Physics of Naples and Città della Scienza resumes in acceptance of the note of the MIUR, dated March 17 2020, which underlines the importance to support and continue to pursue the social and formative task of doing school even outside of school, and of creating communities.
The meetings, which will take place on Thursday, in the last weeks  of April and in the first week of May, will be freely available through Microsoft’s Teams platform.

To participate in the seminar, you must register: fill  the following form in and you will receive a message with the link that will allow you to participate in the event.

For more info contact  Rossella Parente


April 15 at 10. 30-11.15
Did Salvador Dalí meet Albert Einstein?
Pierluigi Paolucci
National Institute of Nuclear Physics, Naples section

April 22 at 10.30-11.15
Classical mechanics applied to artistic roller skating
Laura Valore
University of Naples Federico II, Department of Physics

April 29 at 10.30-11.15
From pigments to particles: accelerators for dating, accelerators for seeing into matter
Maria Rosaria Masullo
National Institute of Nuclear Physics, Naples section

May 6 at 10.30-11.15
Astrophysics with Several Messengers
Tristano Di Girolamo
University of Naples Federico II, Department of Physics

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