Saturday January 28Th – Sunday January 29Th

About the light .

Light is one of the most fascinating mystery. Source of life and one of the main means of communication between living beings and the nature, the light has thousands of aspects at the same time attractive and obscure.

During this weekend in Città della Scienza, you can find some of these aspects through the laboratories and the science-show devoted to this topic

They also will address scientific insights on the issues of bioluminescence , the properties of living organisms to produce lighton their own.

Observations of lantern fish, squid, jellyfish and art scientific laboratoriesfor children and adults.

Sunday – at 11.30 and at 1 pm – an amazing Science Show suitable for all visitors entitled “The Invisible Man”  will take place . Light propagates but not always does the same way, deceives us and teases us, carries its information and transfers those that rely; at least that’s what we think!

A curiosity: it is a wave or a particle?



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