SPRING SCIENCE PARTY at Città della Scienza – March, 25th

Spring is coming and Città della Scienza hosts a party for the whole family with a program full of activities: scientific laboratories on the science of eggs, science for children and adults, animals friendly happenings , flight of birds of prey, planetarium live shows and observations to the telescope!

FREE ENTRY for children up to 12 years.

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Ludodus activities for children up to 3 years, Cooperativa Progetto Uomo
From 10 to 2 pm Music Square

Sky and Sun Observation  with telescope
Unione Astrofili Napoletani
Activity to be displayed in case of good weather

Planetarium Live Show
Live show “Looking at Spring Night Skyes “
Finally it’s spring time next March 20th! The season of colors, loves and awakening to life. On our planet the seasons alternate during the year ordering  times,  rhythms and, why not, even the moods of our lives. But, what are the conditions for the seasons? Do they exist on other planets too?
We still discuss “there are no longer the half seasons”, but what is certain is that, in good weather, the desire to spend time in the open air and observe the celestial sky grows. And, how wonderful! How many constellations are visible at this precise moment!
Some experts, discover the legends, the curiosities and the hidden myths among the stars of our spring night skies. The space show is on the air now!
By Andrea Tomacelli, UAN President – Unione Astrofili Napoletani
11.00 and 11.45
Durata 45′
Tickets are available at box office or online

Magic show “Looking for Pasquale rabbit”
Illusions and animals. Children will participate in the show.
Francesco La Marca
1 pm
Newton Hall

 “Il volo dei rapaci” open air show
Exhibition with scientific insights on prey birds characteristics and the dynamics that regulate their flight. Man, can move freely on the earth, climb, enter the water and dive without the need for any technological help.
Air, on the other hand, has always been a difficult element to conquer. Perhaps this is the reason why the flight of birds is so fascinating for man. Attempts to build equipment and artifacts able to fly us are lost in the mists of time!
It is precisely from the observation of the reality that happens in Nature that is the reality of expectations and the dynamics that regulate the flight of some of the birds that most affect our imagination: the birds of prey.
 “Le Ali nel Vento”  and  “I falconieri dell’Irno” Association

Science Tasting 
Francesco Meo – Città della Scienza

Scientific Lab
Nuvole animation

Looking for colors on plants and flowers
Nuvole animation

Creative labs
from 10 to 2 pm
Foyer Newton

Science Show “Chemistry colors ”
Nuvole animation


Adults € 10
Kids – teenagers FREE

Adults and kids € 5

Adults € 13



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