The 33rd edition of Futuro Remoto was inaugurated

Over 800 students have filled Newton hall of Città della Scienza for the opening of the 33rd edition of Futuro Remoto Essere 4.0. To event has been full of lights and iridescent colors coming from hundreds of bracelets, realized by the start up Fall in LEDs, worn by the boys and synchronized with drum percussion, gave life to a sequence of colors and music that announced the 9 themes of the event: Aerospace, Agrifood and Green Chemistry, Environments of Life, Energy and a Sea of ​​Resources, Intelligent Factory, Design and Creativity and Made in Italy, Cultural Heritage, Life Sciences, Smart Communities. Bit, the timeless mascot of Città della Scienza, has opend works welcoming the public by launching the performance of Fall in LED. For the institutional greetings, the President of Città della Scienza Prof. Riccardo Villari and the Councilor for Productive Activities and Scientific Research of the Campania Region, Antonio Marchiello, took the stage, followed by the inaugural conference on the fight against climate change entitled “Biorifugi: saving the treasure of biodiversity “, edited by Francesco Petretti, biologist, ornithologist, university lecturer, author of Geo and numerous naturalistic documentaries, accompanied by the captivating music of Capone & BungtBangt, pioneers of world eco music, who with their original instruments, from the electric broom to the scatolophone they have given life to a compelling junk music concert. Tomorrow, November 22nd, the second day of Futuro Remoto will open at 9.00 am with the conference Wicked in real life, uninhibited in the digital life, by the Cybersecurity Observatory of Eurispes (Institute of Political, Economic and Social Studies) which will see the interventions of the Prof. Roberto De Vita, Valentina Guerrisi and Antonio Laudisa and Marco Della Bruna, an opportunity to reflect on the technological transformation of societies, of which it is necessary to identify both the opportunities and the dangers. In the afternoon the big event will be held at 6.00 pm with the show conference produced by the National Institute of Nuclear Physics, Universe in a Box, a fascinating and unmissable journey through images, words and sound to discover Universe and its mysteries, wonders and possibilities. A theater, a stage, enigmatic boxes piled up here and there, a screen on which words, numbers, animations, films, a band, three ukuleli, a young actress and Antonio Zoccoli, master of particle physics and president of Infn, are the ingredients for a fascinating narrative that moves challenging the boundaries of our knowledge, pushing us into the courageous reflection on the existence of other universes, of parallel lives, of alien life forms.

FUTURO REMOTO 2019: ESSERE 4.0 | 21 novembre

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