THE GAME – Weekend at Science Centre January, 20th and 21th

 “Playing while learnig” is what’s happening every week end at Città della Scienza where children en they learn staying in community, respecting the rules, winning as well as  loosing; they grow and develop not only the physical, but also the intellect.

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Playing for children is a serious matter! On 20th  and 21st  January in Città della Scienza, challenges, scientific demonstrations, team games, quizzes and much more await you to test your skills and challenge your friends on science topics.

Playing is not only fun, but it is the best way to get to know each other, to compare each other, to grow together with others. Only for Saturday, January 20th, do not miss the chance to participate in “What I do to feel good“. Find out how social relationships, nutrition, being active and the ability to express one’s emotions and to capture those of others are signs of healthy and harmonious growth.

With “Science in Play” explores the path of interactive exhibits and games built with poor material and selected to give back to children the possibility and the pleasure of discovering, playing, scientific concepts and technical skills.

Have you ever imagined that molecules, microscopic particles, move at different speeds when placed in an electric field? Between gels, pipettes, tubes you will discover the technique of electrophoresis with the appointments, scheduled for Sunday, January 21st , of “BioMoleCularLAB: Migrating molecules”

Who said science is not a fun show? With Fun Science you will be involved in colorful experiments and themed games for young and adult scientists, “biological” crosswords, colored gels and molecule models.

Do not miss the events on Saturday and Sunday with ” Motor Activities and Psycho-physical Wellness: find out if your movements are balanced, quick and precise through a series of simple and fun physical exercises!

Bright drawings, shadows and magic, with the Games of light workshop, you can photograph the light in all its shapes and colors, exploring the frequencies! Do not miss!

And for sports fans, football is not just about emotions, it’s also a matter of physics! A high rebound characterizes a good ball? Who plays tennis on the synthetic lawn can also play on clay courts? Is it better to have a smooth or rough ball? Find out by participating in the activity Physics in the ball.

Do not miss the appointment with The missile launcher“: did you know that in a paper airplane there is a lot more science than you imagine? Challenge your friends, building the airplane of the form you prefer and trying to launch it as far as possible!

Sunday, January 21 have fun playing the Marine Memory to test your mnemonic skills and discover the most bizarre curiosity about the creatures living  our seas.

And again, try to challenge a shrewd Merchant in The Fair Merchant in Science, a revisited version of the traditional card game between scientific instruments and leading scientists of all ages. Fun (and hopefully, the prize) is guaranteed!

In addition to ordinary guided tours in Corporea, the first interactive museum on the Human Body in Italy, don’t  miss “Corporea in game“, a guided tour on the exhibits dedicated to the game as a form of learning on the human body, hidden among the Museum’s floors.

The 2D shows From the Earth to the Universe of the new Planetarium are waiting for you for a wonderful journey from the first theories of the Greek philosophers to the most modern telescopes and Robot Explorers to travel together with probes, landers and orbiters inside of our solar system.

Who lives in the new house of insects?” – guided tours to discover new guests. You will learn about the giant Heteropterix dilatata, the wonderful African dry mantis and the African mantis stick.


Adults  € 10
Kids – teenagers  (3-17 years) and over 65    € 7
Adults and kids  € 5
Adults  € 13
Kids – teenagers (3-17 years) and over 65  € 10

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