The radar Oceansat on the Corporea’s roof

On the Corporea’s roof has been installed a coastal and environmental monitoring radar that is part of the OCEANSAT project radar network, which will become an integral part of Città della Scienza SEA exhibition. OCEANSAT was developed by companies like FOXBIT, Remocean; EUROSOFT and ALI, co-funded by ASI Italian Space Agency under the 3rd call for SMEs – Satellite Telecommunications. The project involves the implementation of an Integrated Services Center for Coastal and Environmental Monitoring through the use of a radar wave network, both fixed and mobile, interconnected through a two-way satellite network KA. The aim is to obtain a series of useful information on sea conditions such as: Wave motion; Surface Current; Evolution of bathymetric maps; Presence of pollutants on the surface of the sea; Presence of small dripping objects. Data that are valuable to the coastal environment that is a dynamic ecosystem, where natural and anthropic processes add up and interact by altering their geomorphological, physical and biological characteristics. The continuous movement of sediments by the sea (currents, tides, waves, storms) undergoes continual coastal changes, which emerge with new settlements of the shore line and with territorial surfaces emerged and submerged from the sea. Any intervention can not ignore a concrete and solid knowledge of the physical and biological processes of these environments. It is therefore evident the importance of the data that will be collected through this project and will be made available to Public Administrations, Port Authorities and Research Institutes for the complete control of the water mirrors in front of the coast and which will allow them to hydrogeological risk prevention or to produce marine weather forecasts.

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