Travelling: an adventure always different – May 26 and 27

Life is a journey and journeys make you living twice…

Le giornate si allungano, aumentano le temperature e la voglia di vacanza si fa sempre più viva! A Città della Scienza ne approfittiamo per dedicare un intero weekend al tema del viaggio sia come svago e tempo libero che come strumento di conoscenza di culture, paesi, stili di vita diversi dai nostri.  “Parti” con noi in esplorazione dei tanti laboratori, attività e dimostrazioni in questo viaggio “virtuale” a pochi passi da casa tua! Occhio al programma!

Days have more light, temperatures increase and the desire for vacation becomes more and more alive!At Città della Scienza we take the opportunity to dedicate an entire weekend to the theme of travel as both leisure and free time and as an instrument of knowledge of cultures, countries, lifestyles different from ours. “Leave” with us in the exploration of the many workshops, activities and demonstrations on this “virtual” journey a few steps from your house!

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Are you ready to discover the art of  knots and ancient seafaring traditions? Saturday, don’t miss “20000 leagues under the seas”. You will learn doing knots and moorings and challenge your friends with the international nautical alphabet!

Which is one of humanity’s dreams? Travellling accross time! With “Prints and signatures of the past” take a dive into the past to discover the “fossils” and their origins. Surprises are waiting for you!

“Walking around Corporea” step by step, find out where the “treasure” is hidden by exploring the Corporea Museum thanks to the support of your smartphone! What are you waiting for?

We met them at the cinema and in books, but how were the most famous pirates of the past really? With “Pirates on the road” turned into a little pirate: with a bandage and make-up, you go off to the adventure, discovering exhibitions of Città della Scienza! Pîsu

Only for Sunday, May 27, “Around … with a compass”: retrace the history, rich in legends, of this formidable instrument and try to build one you to carry with you! Orienting has never been so simple and fun!

The future is in technology! By integrating the new technologies with a good dexterity, discover with your parents “Nintendo Labo”: turn a simple piece of cardboard into something different, a motorbike, a fishing rod, a plane or whatever comes to mind! Then, add a Nintendo Switch  console to bring them to life and enjoyment is guaranteed! Win a race, catch a fish, play … With Nintendo Labo, everyone can experience the joy of building, playing and discovering. Have fun watching the workings of your creations: you could even invent new ways to play with Toy-Con!

Last weekend dedicated to the celebration of the Natura 2000 network of protected areas: to raise awareness on our unique and extremely rich natural heritage, the European institutions declared May 21 as “EU Nature Day 2000″. The Natura 2000 network with its 27. 000 sites in all EU Member States acts as a powerful ally in preserving Europe’s rich heritage, while also offering ample opportunities for spiritual reflection, artistic expression, education and awareness, as well as for recreation, health and tourism. In Città della Scienza this weekend, inside the prestigious headquarters of the Planetarium, “An educational meeting with the LIPU: the migration of birds” awaits you: man has always been fascinated by the phenomenon of bird migration and today there are many studies in this sense.

Methodologies for knowing these commuting movements are varied and are based on the capture and marking of animals released and on observation and listening. The capture and marking of animals immediately released, observation and listening are methods used also to know the nature and the ever changing environmental conditions.

Last chance also to admire the photographs of the exhibition “Variconi – The Land of the Sunsets of Fire”, an account of evocative images of the Variconi, a wetland of international importance included between the areas protected by the Ramsar Convention and among the Natura 2000 sites. Through the photographs of Gabriele De Filippo, we will observe, from a privileged perspective, the eyes that live and love those places, the contradictions between the socio-economic degradation of the territory and the desire for redemption by nature and man in those areas.

Finally, a study day entitled “Erasmus + E ‘” will be open to all, where the results of the project focused on earth sciences will be shared and carried out at international level between reflections and future perspectives.

The exhibition dedicated to the sea can be visited again! Find out which new fish, shellfish and crustaceans live in our tanks following the guided tour “Marine Ecosystems”. During the visit, you will have the opportunity to caress some marine organisms alive in our Touch pool. What an emotion! For the little ones, “Create your marine animals”, a laboratory where you can color fish shapes, inventing new species, and then, as for “magic”, make them appear and swim in a large virtual aquarium.

BIT is back, the most loved exhibit by adults and children! Come and meet him, he will answer all your scientific curiosities and not only … Where have you been in this time? What adventures will he tell you? Do not miss this appointment with “Talk to BIT”.

Do not miss the guided tour of “Bags & CO”, the new exhibition space dedicated to the spectacular world of insects and more. For every man on Earth there are over 150 million insects. “The six-legged giants” have conquered almost all the habitats of our planet … it’s time to start getting to know them better.

In addition to Guided tours to Corporea, the first interactive museum on the Human Body in Italy,

The 3D “Robot Explorers” returns to great demand to travel together with probes, landers and orbiters in our solar system.

Come and discover the rich program!

We are waiting for you!


Adults 10 € 
Kids – teenagers up to 17 years and over 65 7 €

Adults and kids € 5

Adults € 13
Kids – teenagers up to 17 years and over 65,  10 €



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