Urban redevelopment and infrastructure, the two issues of the convention “The Roads of Development”

Città della Scienza hosted the convention “The Roads of Development”, the second stage of the Centenary of the Industrial Union Naples. Talking about the most important issues for the development future perspectives of the city, of Southern Italy as well as the country as a whole: urban regeneration processes as well as prospects for southern infrastructures.

“The choice of the Union to keep this party here attracts attention to the need to intervene decisively on new developmental trajectories. If a Milan is the Human Technopole, a Naples can create a Bagnole and the Phlegrean Fields, the Park of Culture , Technology and Innovation, a project that will contribute in three to five years to create 20,000 new jobs “, emphasized by opening Vincenzo Lipardi, Secretary General of the City of Science.

“In 2016, only 22% of South companies have access to credit, and only 4.8% have achieved this in full. This brakes development.” To say the announcement of Invitalia, Domenico Arcuri, who on Bagnoli invited to hear the noise of the “machines that are working”.

“We are in the third year of the programming cycle and we promise to be far ahead, we have already activated more than 26% of available resources.” To say Claudio De Vincenti, Minister for Territorial Cohesion and the Mezzogiorno, pointing to the programming of European funds 2014-2020. “On some programs – added De Vincenti – we are over 30 or 40. Things got started, now the task we have is, as we say in a jargon car, download on the ground all the potential that we put standing “.

President of Confindustria, Vincenzo Boccia, finally highlighted the role of young people in building a vision of the future: “The reflection we make is this: in the world there are two categories of people, who wants to be someone and who wants to do something We are proud to be the ones who want to do something. “


Centenario Unione Industriali Napoli – Le Vie dello Sviluppo

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