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Vincenzo Lipardi, delegate Councilor of Città della Scienza, has been elected as Italian  representative of  the Board of Directors of the  EBN – Innovation Network the most important and expanded European network  operating for 30 years in the field of  business creation and development: an international community of innovators coming from all over the world, based at  Bruxelles, having about 250 Business Innovation Centre, incubators, accelerators and  public and private organisations which supports startup spinoff and innovative little and medium enterprices’ birth and development.

The designation  has happened on the 1st of June 2016, at Lund, in Sweden, during the EBN Annual General Meeting from which Città della Scienza – as a network member since 2001 – has received in 15 years the important recognition of EU|BICEuropean quality mark.

With this prestigious designation, for the first time the italian representation in the european EBN network, which consist of about 30 organizations distributed on the national territory has been  awarded to a structure which operates in the South of Italy.

Vincenzo Lipardi candidacy, has been approved with great enthusiasm at Bruxelles, has supported and has collected widespread approval from the national territory. The charge will last for three years, with the possibility of being extended for further three.

Vincenzo Lipardi

Vincenzo Lipardi, CEO - Città della Scienza.

“We are very proud of this designation – affirm  the delegate Councilor, we believe first of all  that the  recognition derives from the important results that Città della Scienza has reached during this years substaining startup, through the creation of about 120 enterprises, with a survival rate of about 85% after 3 years, in line with the performances of the best european incubators, moreover in 2015 the knowledge area factory ( AIC ) has been opened, which is the first post incubation centre of the south Italy, and the first core of the new Bagnoli industrial district where 20 innovative and very internationalized enterprises graduated at our incubator, are installed, with a sales volume of 30 million euros and 250 employees, between them the majority are youngsters with masters degrees.

Above all we consider this role like an acknowledgement of the importance of Città della Scienza’ s job on business creation, on innovation, and on enterprise internalisation. Within summer we will launch  the first certified incubator of the peninsular South Italy, in partnership with the university  of Naples Federico II and with great alliances  with finance and research system. Within December Corporea’s field, the new national Museum specialized on health and human body, we will inaugurate a new incubator section for startup operating in biomedical and e-health section. In the end of June we will inaugurate the DREAM – Design and Research in Advanced Manufacturing, research centre, high training and experimentation in the field of 3D printing and digital manifacturing, and in October we will start the international Academy  for high training and new business ideas acceleration connected to the manufacturing 4.0 field. We are dedicating great diligencegovernmental internalisation programs which consists in an exchange between innovative italian and other countries research-enterprise systems, China in particular, opening interesting opportunities also for startup and scale-up phase enterprises. In autumn  during the  Italy-China Science, Technology & Innovation Week which will be held from 25 to 27 october, will be launched at Naples the first sino-italian startup competition, deriving from governments agreement.

Città della Scienza today is a living laboratory of a new development model based on  the knowledge economy in order to contribute to relaunch the south Italy starting by Bagnoli, Naples and Campania, to take on our territory innovative enterprises and thousands of workplaces. This is an experience inserted in another important contest of national and international growing up attention on Campania as the first European region  provided of an “Assessorato alle Startup, Innovazione ed Internazionalizzazione”: which is a real construction site of a new governance model which integrates the main territory competitiveness driver which is not casually  become object of interest of the international market big player like Cisco and Apple.

Staring from our story and from the important challenges that we are pereceiving, our commitment on the Italian representation in the EBN Board – Lipardi concludes – will go in the direction of contribuiting reinforcing the participation of the Italian innovation ecosystem to the European  politics and opportunities; to facilitate the creation of an attractive and competitive European and Mediterranean enterprise ecosystem, and encouraging the international dimension, of the United States and China; promoting at European level, the dissemination of a new sustainable development paradigm, based on knowledge to create growth and  inclusion opportunities for a new Europe”

Following the descriptives maps of EBN members in the world and in Europe.

mappa membri ebn
mappa membri ebn europa
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