#BIKE_IT – Interactive exhibition about the history, technology and the future of an extraordinary transport


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#Bike.it is coming, the only Italian stage of the international exhibition entirely dedicated to the bicycle and its history, which will be inaugurated in Città della Scienza next June 2019.

Several interactive exhibits, multimedia installations and historical objects from the most important European collections, to tell the past and the future of this iconic and timeless means of transport, starting from the first model built 200 years ago, up to the new frontiers of technology and ‘innovation.

A two-wheeled journey over time, to discover how much this simple but ingenious medium is today more than ever at the forefront, capable of transforming lifestyles and responding to the increasingly strong need for environmental sustainability and conscious mobility.
The exhibition itinerary will allow you to discover all the benefits, individual and collective, deriving from the use of the bike: from improving health, reducing stress, saving money to reducing harmful gases to the environment and noise pollution . From the point of view of a means of transport with a value not only private, but also social and environmental, #Bike.it will accompany visitors in a fascinating ride in a future suitable for bikes, and therefore for everyone.



Most of us have learned to go there as a child, and some still use it daily: for sports, as a means of transport or just for fun.
Despite this, few of us have had the opportunity to learn more about this extraordinary means of transport and discover its technical-scientific and historical characteristics, as well as social.
… the bicycle is in fact an extraordinary example of creativity and innovation …
… bicycles have been protagonists of real social changes
… the bicycle is a central element for sustainable and respectful development
of the environment for the 21st century …

This exhibition deals with the theme of bicycles under three main perspectives:
• The bicycle, an incredible car
• the Bike and the Cyclist;
• Bikes and Societies.

The exhibition invites visitors to look at the bicycle as expression of  human creativity, to revisit its most familiar aspects and to get to know the lesser-known ones regarding the relationships that have been created between people and bicycles since the first of these was patented in 1817.


… bicycle and the developing countries …
… evolution of the wheel and the frame …
… role of the bicycle in women’s emancipation …
… record numbers of biker people: China …
… cycling fashion …
… bicycles and design …
… Italian cycling, a unique story …


… play with many interactive exhibits …
… workshop and maintenance workshops …
… bike science demonstrations …
… bike trial shows …
… science show …
… conferences and meetings with experts …
… driving lessons and road code lessons for children …

Inaugurazione della mostra #BIKE_IT!


Bloomfield Science Museum of Jerusalem

Universum  Brema

Città della Scienza di Napoli

Canada Science and Technology Museum Ottawa

Science Centre Kopernikus  Varsavia

#BIKE_IT got over 250,000 visitors in
Jerusalem and Bremen, reporting
a great critical and public success!

Biglietto unico mostra Bike_IT: 5€
Biglietto integrato adulti: 10 €
Biglietto ridotto bambini e ragazzi (3-17 anni), over 65 e studenti universitari:  7 €

Sconto sul biglietto per chi arriva in bicicletta!
Biglietto mostra Bike_IT: 4 €
Biglietto integrato adulti: 8 €
Biglietto ridotto bambini e ragazzi (3-17 anni), over 65 e studenti universitari: 6€

Parcheggio gratuito per le biciclette!

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