FOCUS. Four photographers for Città della Scienza

Antonio Biasiucci, Fabio Donato, Mimmo Jodice e Raffaela Mariniello
The look of four photographers for Città della Scienza

FOCUS is the name of the exhibition dedicated to Città della Scienza by four photographers – Antonio Biasiucci, Fabio Donato, Mimmo Jodice e Raffaela Mariniello – after two years since the fire that destroyed Città della Scienza’s Science Centre. The exhibition, opened on March 4th in Marie Curie hall, is on until May 31st.
Vittorio Silvestrini, Città della Scienza President, wrote in the introduction of the exhibition catalogue “By the look of these four photographers you can glimpse what it was but also what will be the new Science Centre of Città della Scienza. The gaze of the artist, in fact, able to go beyond the immediate rubble and present condition of the places, getting a new vision. In the gaze of the artist meanings multiply and the imagination of the future, of any future becomes possible.”
Celebrating the fire and projecting the new museum through an international call. After months of silence the spaces have been retraced by the four artists who, through their goal have given new life interpreting the tragedy, to stop with his eyes the memory of what happened and imagine the future.
Artists offer the city the memory of the fire that has tried to clear his museum means, for these artists, giving a reason for rebirth, embody the strength of a society that does not give up.

Vittorio Silvestrini and Città della Scienza thank the photographers, Giuliano Sergio the curator and architect Giovanni Francesco Frascino and theatre Le nuvole for offering their work as personal contribution to support the reconstruction of the Science.