Befana at Città della Scienza

Saturday January 5th Città della Scienza hosts the first event of the year: Befana’s party.

From 10 to 2 pm in all the exhibition areas of the Science Center of Città della Scienza there will be many engaging scientific shows, Christmas-themed workshops, animation with Elves and Santa Clauses, music, courses and scientific communicators and many activities to make this special party day!
For the occasion, all children up to 12 years of age access for free!
Adults and children can be masked blending among the Epiphanies in the museum and we wait together, between science and fun, for the arrival of the old lady most loved by all children.
The Befana of Città della Scienza will distribute stockings rich in goodness and chocolate kindly offered by Dolciaria Pezzella.

Festa della Befana 2020

Among the scheduled activities there are: 2D Live Show “The Christmas Stars” a great novelty curated by the Neapolitan  Astronomers Union (UAN) to discover the starry sky under which the Magi traveled a little over 2000 years ago and astronomical importance of the winter sky in a breathtaking live show at the Planetarium. Participants will receive a December sky map, with the largest constellations and brightest stars. Soap bubbles show by Scacco Matto: An engaging show that enchants young and old, the delicacy of soap bubbles and the fine irony of a clumsy clown, capture and, at the same time, let fly high with the lightness of a bubble giant soap; The Bag della Befana full of goodness … a demonstration to discover together with an expert the nutritional properties of the typical sweets of the Epiphany world; Befana in a broomstick a fun laboratory of creativity by creating a nice Befana thaumatropium to learn the first techniques of making cinematographic animations.



Adults 10 € - kids up to 12 years FREE from 10 to 2 PM € 

Adults and kids 

Adults  13€ 


Party: ore 10 – 2 pm
Museum: ore 10 - 6 pm

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