Città della Scienza closes for the summer break from 1 August to reopen on Tuesday 13 September 2022


Città della Scienza will close for the summer break on 1 August and reopen on Tuesday 13 September, but will stay in touch with you throughout the month of August via social channels with a wide range of science news, in-depth reports and the most interesting activities carried out throughout the year.

From ‘Impossible Interviews’ to ‘Science Pills’, from the ‘Science Noon’ and ‘Ni hao China’ columns to the in-depth features offered by ‘Science at home’ and ‘Did you know that’, from the tik tok of the populariser Alberto Giannone to the prestigious connection with AstroSamantha directly from the international space station.

Lots of science, in short, in a light and entertaining format, even on holiday, for all ages.

And from September onwards, the reopening of the Museum and many exciting new features including temporary exhibitions and major events: The Three Days for School and Remote Future.

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