City Nature Challange “Italy Cluster – Biodiversity in the City” 26-29 April 2019.

CITTA’ DELLA SCIENZA  participates in the  CITY NATURE CHALLENGE a friendly and international competition for recording naturalistic observations. All the cities registered to the challenge will work to observe  the greatest number of naturalistic observations made in their own city to be recorded on the application Natusfera.

Participating cities are:
Ostuni, Catania, Naples, Trento, Lecce, Trinitapoli, Taranto.
The winner will get:
● greater number of naturalistic observations
● greater number of registered species of wildlife
● more people involved

The competition will take place in a Bio-Blitz style, that is a race of naturalistic observations to record the largest possible number of species, in a specific place and time.

Become a “citizen scientist”

City Nature Challenge “Italy Cluster – Biodiversity in the City” 26-29 April 2019.

city nature challange 2019 cds
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