EFFERVESCIENZA – Waiting for March 7th

Città della Scienza – March 7th 2015 from 8pm to midnight.

Città della Scienza celebrates Women’s Day with an extraordinary opening, on Saturday, March 7th: a fun, interesting and passionate evening, including exhibitions, interactive installations, amazing workshops at the presence of female scientists who meet the public .
An evening to celebrate and remember the fundamental contribution of women to scientific and technological research.

Some activities of the program:

OPEN LAB, meetings with scientists inside GNAM and HORIZON SEA exhibitions.
We will talk about the use of algae, spirulina and diatoms, design inspired to the sea, plankton and biodiversity and matriarchal organization of ants.
And finally, physique en rose, experiments presented by the students of the Department of Physics of Federico II of Naples that, thanks to the use of common objects and materials, will show and reproduce behaviors and physical laws describing the world around us.

WELLNESS MEANS BEING WOMAN, tricks and solutions for wellness and relaxation
From yoga to homemade cosmetics… exchange of knowledge with women of foreign communities in Naples.

The passion of women, told with short talk shows and music

Exhibition of design art crafts women inspired by nature.
The feminine design that evokes ancestral codes of nature like morphologies, hierarchies, complex structures, balances, cycles.

The event is organized in collaboration with the Women and Science Coordination, the University of Naples Federico II, the Polytechnic of Sciences, SUN Second University of Naples, CNR, INFN, the Zoological Station.

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