From December 19th to 21st Città della Scienza hosted 100 students from iOS Academy of University Federico II: three days for an exciting work, dedicated to the study of our Science Centre and its workshops, the D.RE.AM Fablab, Incubator and its startups, the International Center for Technology Transfer and development of innovative ideas and solutions for different areas of activity.

A concrete experience of open innovation, based on an innovative methodology – the Challenge Based Learning – Città della Scienza was involved in creating innovative challenges, as well as follow the guys with laboratories dedicated on many border issues: smart education, data meaning, biomedical, Internet of things, the fashion and design and the creation of business and finance.

The workshop ended with the presentation of ideas, proposals, all of great interest and potential concrete realization at Città della Scienza, that means  to  be a real “Living Lab” for the design and testing of different  solutions.

This initiative is part of a strategy that hinges on a strong partnership between University Federico II and Città della Scienza to create together a solid value chain that binds the advanced search, talent training, testing and promotion of innovative ideas, business creation, generation of new careers, the promotion of scientific culture.


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