The popular seminars of the National Institute of Nuclear Physics (INFN), of the Physics Department of the University of Naples Federico II, the Superconducting Institute, Innovative Materials and Devices of the CNR (SPIN) and CNR ISASI - Institute of Applied Sciences and Intelligent Systems are back to Città della Scienza
The seminars, aimed at high school students, deal with topics that span all the research areas of the INFN and the Department and tell the most fascinating and crucial issues of modern physics: from macro to micro-microsm; from the study of neutrinos to the discovery of the Higgs boson and the concept of mass; from the concept of energy to the physics of the stars and the most catastrophic phenomena in the universe.
These seminar cycles, reaching the 8th editiobn this year, are part of the third mission of research centers and universities, i.e. the fundamental objective that these institutions have to communicate with society, and to the mission of Città della Scienza which is the scientific dissemination between formal and non-formal teaching.
The intent of these meetings is to combine formal learning (at schools, universities, academies) with non-formal learning (at museums, aquariums, libraries) to promote skills and careers in the STEAM (Science, Techonology, Engineering, Arts and Math) and contribute to training people capable of having an active role in increasingly democratic and technological societies.


The 2019-20 edition program is divided into 13 seminars that will be held in Città della Scienza from January until May 2020, from 10.30 to 12.30.

Participation is free.
To participate in the seminars, interested students can book at the Contact Center of Città della Scienza: tel. | e-mail
The seminars will be combined with a guided tour of the exhibition areas of Città della Scienza or an educational activity in a laboratory room. For more information, consult the School Catalogue, online at the following address, or contact the Contact Center of Città della Scienza.


15 JANUARY 2020
The long way to the discover of hidden matter

Giuliana Fiorillo
Physics DPT, “Federico II” University of Naples

22 JANUARY 2020
There is no way: the sentences of the Second Principle of Thermodynamic 

Roberto Di Capua
Physics DPT, “Federico II” University of Naples

29 JANUARY 2020
Cosmic rays: messengers of the universe

Valentina Scotti
Physics DPT, “Federico II” University of Naples

The principles of the quantum computer
Alberto Porzio
Institute CNR-SPIN Naples

12 FEBRUARY 2020
Color and vision

Andrea Rubano
Physics DPT, “Federico II” University of Naples

Physics and photography: how much science is hidden in one click?
Antigone Marino
CNR-ISASI Institute Pozzuoli

19 FEBRUARY 2020
The mechanical effects of light
Antonio Sasso
Physics DPT, “Federico II” University of Naples

4 MARCH 2020
Plastic electronics and molecular self-assembling 
Mario Barra
Institute CNR-SPIN Naples

11 MARCH 2020
From Rutherford’s experiment to particle accelerators
Vittorio Vaccaro
Physics National Institute Naples

18 MARCH 2020

Pietro Santorelli
Physics DPT, “Federico II” University of Naples

25 MARCH 2020
Daily radiation and radioactivity: what they are and how they are measured
Riccardo De Asmundis
Physics National Institute Naples

8 APRIL 2020
From classical physics to relativity, a path between science and art
Pierluigi Paolucci
Physics National Institute Naples

20 APRIL 2020
The Second Quantum Revolution: six useful keys … for its reading

Giampiero Pepe
Physics DPT, “Federico II” University of Naples

Città della Scienza




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