RED BLOOD ! September 15, 16 and 19 at Città della Scienza

Journey into the cardiovascular system boarding a red blood cell

There are special days in which, walking through the alleys of our city, you can breathe celebration and joy in the air … September 19th  is one of these: we celebrate Saint Gennaro, the patron saint of the city of Naples. In the street, the clamor is dense, you feel apprehension and palpitation that explodes in screams “A fatt ‘or’ Miracol!”: the party can begin!

Città della Scienza celebrates the day of Saint Gennaro, remembering the historical figure between truth and false myths and explaining the scientific foundations of the famous “Miracle”, which has always fascinated the devout Neapolitans.  “San Gennaro, help us!”

It will also be an opportunity to focus on the topic of blood from a scientific point of view through workshops, insights analysis and guided themed tours!
For example, “A-B-Zero-AB” is a laboratory practice dedicated to blood groups, a topic that is still little known. How many of you know your blood group? Can you tell which other blood groups can you donate blood to? Test dummy blood samples (synthetic), assessing reactivity against anti-A, anti-B and anti-Rh sera and discover the different types of cells populating human blood.
Our our younger and fearless visitors will be able to try their hand at the “Bloody Slime” – a workshop where they will learn tricks and secrets to prepare the perfect recipe for the “slime”, a gummy and “sticky” material. Tinging it with a nice red, they will make it very bloody!

Everyone, as children, we thought at least once of wanting to be doctors at large. The idea of ​​saving lives, of healing and healing people from terrible diseases fills our hearts. But, being a doctor is a complex job … Live “A Doctor’s Day”: visit patients, take measurements of vital signs, investigate the causes of possible diseases and build your personal “bag” with everything you need. You may find that the doctor is the right profession for you!
The red liquid that circulates in the intricate web of veins, vessels and capillaries plays a major role in the defense of our body from external attacks of viruses and bacteria, but also from threats that come from within. It is the case of terrible and dramatically current diseases such as tumors. Diseases of which there is still a lot of reticence to speak, almost as if the silence was a way to “magically” disappear these ugly evils that afflict our lives.
Reaffirming the importance of dialogue on these issues, Città della Scienza is pleased to marry the project “Illness explained to my son”, born within the Department of Hematology Oncology of the National Cancer Institute “Fondazione G. Pascale”, IRCCS of Naples, directed by Prof. Antonello Pinto.
In the form of two interactive books and a cartoon, in a sensitive and scientifically relevant manner, the project helps adults to explain to children the haematological or oncological disease and the side effects of chemotherapy.
Following, the most recent frontiers in the medical field for the treatment of tumors will be discussed: the gene therapies. At what point are we with research and experimentation in this sector? Find out and maybe the “bad evil” will make you a little less afraid!
Spend a warm and sunny September day full of curiosity and fun! Do not leave without first having a look at our exhibition areas!

You still have not visited the Corporea museum? It is the only one in Italy, entirely dedicated to the “perfect” machine of the human body! A guided tour, in the company of one of our guides, will allow you to discover the secrets of our body and experience the exhibits that most intrigue you! “Blood under examination” is the study dedicated to our cardiovascular system. Browsing through the functional anatomical maps, observing ancient finds and interacting with the exhibits marked by the red color, you will discover life, death and miracles of the blood! Which fish, molluscs and crustaceans live in the pools of the “Sea” exhibition? Follow the guided tour “Marine Ecosystems” and you will have the chance to caress some living marine organisms in our Touch pool. What an emotion! A guided tour of “Insetti & CO”, the new exhibition space dedicated to the spectacular world of insects and more. For every man on Earth there are over 150 million insects. “The six-legged giants” have conquered almost all the habitats of our planet … it’s time to start getting to know them better. They chase us, they smell us, they annoy us sometimes, they are thirsty for our blood … If you are thinking about imaginative imaginary characters, you are wrong. They are “Bloodsucking Animals” or hematophagous, parasites that feed on the blood of other animals (including humans). We discover the less known among the hematophagous animals, their biology and their behavior thanks to a scientific study. For the younger ones, future scientists, an “AniMani” finger painting workshop – where, inspired by a happy fairy tale, you can paint all the animals you love most, but, using only your fingerprints. And if your children still want to learn, “Invent your marine animals”, a laboratory where you can color fish shapes, inventing new species, and then, as for “magic”, make them appear and swim in a large virtual aquarium . The mascot of Città della Scienza, the most loved by adults and children, has returned from vacation! BIT! You do not know him? Come and meet him, he will answer all your scientific curiosities and not only … Where have you been in this time? What adventures will he tell you? Do not miss this appointment with “Talk to BIT”. At the Planetarium you can choose between the 2D show “From Earth to the Universe – From the Earth to the Universe” to discover the most important theories elaborated by man over time in the astronomical field up to future prospects and, if you can not give up the thrill 3D, “Robot Explorers” to travel with probes, landers and orbiters in our solar system.
Come and discover the rich program!
We are waiting for you in many!

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