THREE DAYS FOR SCHOOL EDITION 2021: Rebuilding a new school together


3 Days for School 2021 will take place from 10 to 12 November 2021, the main national event on the themes about teaching and learning promoted by Campania Region and Città della Scienza.
The event, now in its twentieth edition, is part of the initiatives dedicated to the world of schools and will take place with the rules and within the limits of the emergency legislation – on coronavirus – in force during the period of the event.
Three days of webinars, conferences, seminars, debates and online and face-to-face workshops in which teachers, school managers, students, educators, trainers and experts discuss the great transformations that the school is facing in this particular historical moment, to exchange experiences, methods and practices, on what strategies and tools are and will be needed to qualify teaching, the school of tomorrow, and on how to design teaching that is increasingly included with the challenges of innovation, inclusion and the world of work.
Distance teaching, which suddenly took over from face-to-face teaching, has changed traditional teaching methods, with not a few inconveniences related to the digital approach and skills; the organization of the school; but also to the desire of teachers to “reach” their students and young people to “socialize”, thus giving a new value to the role of the school in their life.
The 2021 edition tries to respond to the great need for the work carried out in this emergency phase and to understand the quality and effectiveness of teaching with the aim of reducing the distance between the world of school and the world of collaborative work with the real protagonists of this great transformation: students and teachers.
Participation: remotely and live *
The event will take place remotely with webinars, workshops on a digital platform and face-to-face with conferences and seminars. The workplaces will be the Newton room, the Averroé room and the Archimede room. The whole event will be free.
There will be guided tours of the interactive Museum and Planetarium and the presentation of the educational proposals of Città della Scienza for the school year 2021-2022.
* according to sanitary conditions
For information please refer to the Didactic Innovation Office of Città della Scienza

phone. 081 7352260

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