Welcome Spring! – Saturday March, 24th

Finally it’s Spring Time! At 6 pm there is still sunlight and the air is sparkling. 

But what is the scientific meaning of spring?Why do the days get longer and the temperatures get warmer?How does it influence the life of living beings?Why is the season of love?To these and other questions, we will respond to Città della Scienza through fun workshops, activities and engaging scientific demonstrations.

Look at the program!


The period of frost is finally far, so that every outdoor bonsai that had been sheltered can be placed outdoors. The word “Bon-sai” (often mistakenly pronounced as bonzai or banzai) is a Japanese term which, literally translated, means “planted in a vase”. Find out more about this ancient technique with dates by Napoli Bonsai Club:

- “Bonsai: planting a tree in a vase” Practical demonstration of training techniques of a bonsai

“Kokedama: the magical world of plants without pots” do not miss the opportunity to make  pearls with small flowering plants;

 “Bonsai on stage” Exposure of bonsai specimens that most highlight the spring season, such as maples and bonsai in bloom;

“SOS Bonsai”: Is your bonsai sick? No fear! You can take it to view a Naples Bonsai Club expert who will give you the right advice to make it heal

A Spring dedicated to the green! Sustainable production, attentive to the environment and ethical restraints will be the guiding thread of the purchasing choices of the current generations. But going down in detail, what does this mean for public opinion? Find out more with “Natural cosmetics: credibility and sustainability of the green trend“.

Spring is perhaps the most popular season, surely it is the one that represents life par excellence, the awakening, the rebirth after the cold and the darkness of winter, the bright colors and the perfumes. And are you ready to dive into the colors that accompany spring? With “Spring in 3D” you have fun building a projector that can turn images into colorful 3D flowers in the palm of your hand! Every season has its charm, but spring has always been seen as a sort of rebirth after the long and cold winter; it’s the season in which the fantasy is unleashed! Let’s discover together how to make fantastic jewels and decorations using colored salt! Do not miss “Jewels of salt“.

In science class we learned that plants absorb water and nutrients from the soil and bring them to the leaves, making them go up along the trunk. And the same also happens in the flowers! Do you want to find out how? Do not miss the appointments with “Science Garden“.  Spring brings in our exhibition areas an explosion of creativity and enthusiasm that lead to the creation of fun but meaningful activities from an educational and experiential point of view! The exhibition dedicated to the sea can be visited again! Discover which new fish, molluscs and crustaceans live in our tanks following the guided tour “Marine Ecosystems“. During the visit, you will have the opportunity to caress some live marine organisms in our Touch pool. What an emotion! For youngest, “Create your marine animals“, a laboratory where you can color fish shapes, inventing new species, and then, as for “magic”, make them appear and swim in a large virtual aquarium. Do not miss the guided tour of “Bugs & CO”, the new exhibition space for children dedicated to the spectacular world of insects and more … In addition to guided tours in Corporea, the first interactive museum on the Human Body in Italy, the 3D “Robot Explorers” returns to great demand to travel together with probes, landers and orbiters within our solar system. We are waiting for you in many!


Adults 10 € 
Kids – teenagers up to 17 years and over 65 7 €

Adults and kids € 5

Adults € 13
Kids – teenagers up to 17 years and over 65,  10 €



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Città della Scienza week end keeps on Sunday March 25 with  “Spring Science Party”. 
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