Carnival is next and at Città della Scienza we talk about colors! But what is their meaning? Have you ever wondered how our color perception works? Did you know that color is just a “sensation”  borning in our brain? Colors are classified in primary, secondary, tertiary, complementary. What do these terms mean? Let’s find out together! And let’s have fun with the colors. 

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Tinkering shows how things are done, promotes exploration, allows one to develop one’s own ideas and feeds creativity and scientific reasoning. How can we use the tinkering technique to get primary colors starting from secondary or tertiary? “Tinkering and chemistry: how colors can be separated“, you can create an ideal circuit and, as a “super-technological” chemist, you can experience the composition and decomposition of pigments!

Rainbow’s colors constitute the “basic spectrum” from which all the light we see is formed. As the various sounds contain the tones of the musical notes of the basic scale, so colored light is formed by its “spectral components”. Participate in “CD as a spectroscope” and have fun building and decorating a fantastic spectroscope.

How many times have you been hypnotized by a colored lava lamp? You held it in your hands, you tried to shake it and you stopped to watch the liquid moving and sharing, giving life to different shapes and colors! Get  “Colored Lava Lamps” and you will have the chance to build one of your own!
It takes a breath to paint! “Painting with the air” will teach you to compose colorful “tableau” and the unpredictable result simply “modulating” your breathing. What are you waiting for?

The first thing you notice when you meet someone is HIS eye color! But which ones and how many are the genes involved in the pigmentation of the eye? And yet, have you ever heard of color blindness? These and many other secrets on the color of our eyes will be revealed through scientific insights during the guided tour of Corporea: “The genetics of eye color” and “The world seen with the eyes of the color blind“.

In addition to the guided tours of a Corporea, the first interactive museum on the Human Body in Italy, the 2D shows “From the Earth to the Universe” of the new Planetarium wait for you for a wonderful journey from the first theories of Greek philosophers to the most modern telescopes and “3D Robot Explorers” to travel together with a probe, lander and orbiter inside our solar system.

“Who lives in the newbag’s house?” – guided tours to discover new guests. The man known closely the giant Heteropterix dilatata, the wonderful African dry mantis mantis and the African mantis stick. Welcome to our new guest, the Chromatopelma cyanopubescens or green-blue tarantula!

Nature never fails to surprise or amaze us! There are animals that have developed the ability to make themselves invisible to the eyes of predators and exploit this ability to hide themselves from their prey, suddenly surprising them. Let’s get to know them closely with “animal mimicry“, scientific study during the guided tour of “Bags’ House”.


Adults € 10
Kids – teenagers (3-17 years) and over 65 € 7

Adults and kids € 5

Adults € 13
Kids – teenagers (3-17 years) and over 65 € 10



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