Città della Scienza for “NO2, No grazie!”

Città della Scienza joins an interesting “Citizen Science” project dedicated to the monitoring of air quality in urban centers, and in particular for the monitoring of NO2 nitrogen dioxide one of the most dangerous atmospheric pollutants produced from the combustion of cars.
The project is promoted by “Citizens for the air” a network of citizens who have chosen to commit themselves to defend the right to breathe clean air.
The event has a duration of one month, starting from this Friday and until March 7th, 2020. It consists in installing a sampler on a pole at a height of approximately 2.30 / 3 meters which will record the NO2 rates in the air that we breathe daily in the area; at the end of the project, a detailed map will come out which will demonstrate the air quality in the city and in general in Italy.
Pollution is an important common problem and if we want to guarantee clean air for ourselves and our children, we must all commit ourselves to our daily lives. Città della Scienza chooses to be an active part in the change and awareness of reality. Clarifying also the issue of fake news: we often hear that pollution in Italian cities “is to blame” for heating, this is distorted and conveyed information, a way of diverting attention from the real great manager who absorbs the air we breathe in the city: traffic.

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