Città della Scienza was promoted with full grade by the teachers!

Scientific dissemination activities and educational laboratories organized by Città della Scienza have passed the “exam test” of teachers. A new good news that rewards the passionate work of the Città della Scienza educational area which was positively evaluated by the teachers who accompanied the students of the Nursery School and the Primary school and by the students of I and II cycle who have carried out educational activities in the school year 2018/19.

Teachers answered evaluation questionnaires to investigate the level of satisfaction  about the use of the laboratory (central object of the survey); both in relation to other  services (courtesy of staff, brightness of the spaces, etc.).

The level of general satisfaction of teachers, measured on a maximum value scale of 5, was found to be equal to 4.5.

The laboratory and scientific dissemination activities subject to investigation and evaluation by the teachers were carried out in different thematic areas: Biology, Physics, Food, Natural Sciences, Earth Sciences. In addition, the FabLab of the children and the temporary exhibition “The beauty of Imaging” dedicated to imaging and curated by the Bracco Foundation.

Didattica (1)

A total of 710 evaluation forms were collected and analyzed. From the analysis of the questionnaires it emerged that the strength of the educational offer is recognized in the professional figures of the communicators, those who must communicate science to the groups of visitors: this activity has achieved an average value of 4.8.
The staff and human resources have therefore been evaluated as a strength of the museum offer.
Among the precious suggestions indicated by the “evaluating professors” emerges the invitation to strengthen the structural aspects of the spaces the objects and the tools made available.
The overall result rewards the constant and passionate work of the Città della Scienza Education sector experts who have been working with passion for years to spread scientific culture and excite students through the use of alternative paths and methods to frontal teaching by offering workshops and activities on increasingly indispensable and stimulating themes for professional growth.
After the summer break we will return more loads than ever ready to face a new and exciting school year.

Report AD 2018-2019
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