Contamination Lab at Città della Scienza on February 20th

On February 20th, the students of the project “ContaminationLab”, sponsored by the Department of Social Sciences of the University Federico II and funded by the Ministry of Education and the MISE will visit the Business Innovation Centre of Città della Scienza.
CLab is a place of contamination between students from different disciplines and aims at promoting a culture of entrepreneurship, innovation and new learning models. On Friday, students will have the opportunity to get in touch with some local businesses companies in the incubator and learn about real opportunities to be supported by the Business Innovation Centre.
CLab Naples is a way of connecting territory, companies and cultural institutions, providing interpretive keys and the most effective tools to enhance the various forms of youth creativity in order to promote new forms of entrepreneurship, including the use of digital communication technologies. The project aims to train, in the participating students, a digital culture of enterprise, enhance and optimize creative skills and expressive, using new media, in order to encourage the creation of new businesses and cultural projects. Città della Scienza, the official partner of CLab contributes to the path of growth and education of students selected through training sessions on the topics of business creation in particular in the areas of Green Economy, Smart Technology, Art, Design, Media and Cultural Industry.
The program includes participation of the following companies Bluenet, 3D Factory, Enjinia and talkings by Mariangela Contursi, Luca Simeone and Mary Carannante of Città della Scienza.

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