I VACCINATE- Città della Scienza supports Covid 19 vaccination campaign

2020 will be remembered as the year of the Covid-19 pandemic. A long period, not yet over, with important repercussions on the health of many people on a global level, marked by phases of lockdown, which impacted daily life and the general economic situation.

From the beginning of the pandemic, and still today, masks, distancing and hygiene are the elements that everyone has come to know, now indispensable in any daily action to protect ourselves and others.

In this scenario, the only way to leave sacrifices and sufferings behind us and to resume a normal life, is represented by the development of anti-Covid vaccines and that is why Città della Scienza promotes – on the web and its own social channels – the initiative “I vaccinate because” which sees the participation of numerous testimonials from the scientific, artistic, sports, institutional world (Andrea Ballabio, Alfredo Budillon, Gino Rivieccio, Lello Esposito, Pina Tommasielli, Francesco Montervino, Bruno Siciliano , Giuseppe Morsillo, Rodolfo Punzi and many others)

In fact, too many citizens are still doubtful about getting vaccinated; while it is known that the effectiveness of the vaccination campaign is closely linked to the number of people who will be vaccinated. Thanks to the testimonials involved – but also to the citizens who will be able to send their videos “I vaccinate because” – Città della Scienza wants to make its contribution and convince as many people as possible about the safety and usefulness of the anti-Covid vaccine.

At the forefront, the Città della Scienza President, Riccardo Villari – also as a doctor and expert in infectious diseases – declares: “I vaccinate, because prevention is better than cure, because with vaccination we have eradicated and defeated diseases such as smallpox and polio that have almost disappeared from our planet. It is an act of responsibility: in addition to protecting ourselves, we also protect those categories of subjects who for various reasons cannot undergo vaccination “.

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