International Conference on Museum,Technology and the future of cultural Heritage

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Pegaso University is honored to host the first International Conference dedicated to the relationship between memory and future, as connected to the development of new technologies and from an interdisciplinary perspective.

This one-day event will be held on 2nd October, 2023 at the Città della Scienza [Science City Museum] in Naples [], a perfectly consistent framework with the purpose of the meeting.

Members of ICOM [], International Council of Museums, the worldwide institute for museum operators, and other distinguished voices in this field will discuss the topic.

The project is part of the research line called Digital Humanities and is linked in particular with area 2 Digital heritage, literature and cultural practices which «focuses on the development, study and analysis of cultural practices connected to the integration of digital and technologies in the preservation of knowledge, culture, past and present. Research interventions aimed at the digitalisation, conservation and accessibility of cultural heritage. Use of advanced technologies such as photogrammetry, virtual reality and augmented reality to document, preserve and present works of art, monuments, manuscripts and other objects of cultural interest».

The identification of development lines for the future, also in relation to technological advancement, cannot be interpreted without a sense of continuity and the right attention to the past and its preservation. Culture, tradition, the roots of human history constitute a distributed heritage, in constant evolution (thanks to new discoveries), which is at the center of new practices, not only of maintenance but also of archiving and querying.

The preservation process is to be considered specular and, at the same time, strategic for the construction of new fruition paths for the end user. Museum experience, therefore, intercepts the new paths of development and contamination with technologies, which acquire meaning and validity when adequate institutional, public and international spaces are available for a shared reflection, not only on planning but also on ethics.

Participation is free of charge. The event is aimed at scholars, professionals, and students with research interests in museology. 

The registration form is available here

Registration will be possible until 25th September, 2023.

The the abstracts book

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