Paolo Gasparini, one of the greatest friends of the Fondazione Idis-Città della Scienza and a member of its Assembly of Founders, is passed away yesterday.

Paolo Gasparini was a professor emeritus in the Department of Physics of the University of Naples Federico II and president of AMRA, the center of expertise on the analysis of environmental risk.
Geophysical of great value, Paul was also director of the Osservatorio Vesuviano from 1970 to 1983. Author of many studies and publications, Paul has always combined the passion for searching with an equally keen interest in science communication collaborating, since the early years, with Futuro Remoto and then with the Città della Scienza. His vision of science as a resource to be shared with all citizens – especially about issues of great social importance, such as the prevention of seismic risk – has translated into interactive exhibits, educational projects, conferences.
The whole community of Città della Scienza is close with affection to his loved ones, his many students and colleagues, his friends.

paolo gasparini
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