SEA Resource: the Città della Scienza exibithion for BergamoScienza Festival

Sea is not a resource to be exploited and violated, but to enhance and improve. This is the purpose of the exhibition Sea Resource – The transformation of the original marine material created by Città della Scienza for the 12th edition of BergamoScienza Festival, scheduled on October 3-19, 2014 at Bergamo. The exhibition is articulated along a path that is both sensorial and interactive, divided into sveral sections:

VANISHING GIANTS - The reduction of big fishes’ size

A comparison of the shapes of tunas of different sizes allows visitors to verify overfishing’s impact on animal life and on average sizes of some present and past fish species.

FROM SEA TO TABLE - Catch of the day

This section show some of the most common fish in our seas, compared with some marine organisms that could form the basis of our food of tomorrow.

FRAGMENTS OF THE SEA - Marine kaleidoscope

Geometries and surface structures of marine organisms in comparison with architectural shells, objects of different nature and bio-inspired jewelry.

HANDLING THE RESOURCES OF SEAS: NEW MATERIALS - A catalogue of marine origin’s new materials

An opportunity to investigate the relationship between natural and artificial world and the issues of sustainability. The exhibition shows innovative materials coming from components of marine origin such as algae, diatoms, crustaceans, characterized by a high level of environmental sustainability, as they are biodegradable. The exhibition reveals to visitors the production processes of each material and how they are handled: highly evolved processes in terms of content, scientific and technological knowledge, but also closer to the processes used by nature.

For children, laboratories of recycling allow them to create useful objects from the rubbish found on beaches.

BERGAMO GRAFICA locandina grande bassa risoluzione
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