The agora of innovators and inventors – apply and show us your idea

Città della Scienza opens its doors to the world of companies, start-ups and inventors with the aim of showing the science, technology and innovation that take part in the creation of a new product or to experiment / test with its public how product prototypes work and their approval ratings.

Every weekend companies and inventors that have been selected may organize demonstrations, workshops and showcases for the public of Città della Scienza, free of charge. We are looking for innovative and original ideas to share with our public, but also interactive events  showing the product that engage the audience. The presentations will last from an hour to a whole day.

The events will be hosted in the new exhibition areas that will reopen to the public on October 30th  with the new edition of Futuro Remoto dedicated to the SEA. New spaces, new ideas, a new adventure of Città della Scienza.
If you want to participate, fill the form: we will reply quickly. The deadline for applications is September 30th  2014.

Fill the form


Fill out the participation form

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