The President of the SSC Naples, Aurelio De Laurentiis, visited Città della Scienza

Last Saturday, May 13th, during the event “Ligami di Pasta ” as part of Gnam Village activities, the village dedicated to the Mediterranean diet of Città della Scienza, the President of the SSC Naples Aurelio De Laurentiis visited the new Science Centre of Città della Scienza, opened also thanks to his solidarity after the fire. He found particularly interesting  the interactive museum on  human body Corporea and Planetarium for the close link that links them to sports and cinema. From the splendid Terrace of Corporea, in addition to the beautiful panorama of Coroglio, the President expressed, looking at the area behind, the desire to make Bagnoli the new house in Naples: “I have always said that this is the ideal home of Naples is Governament could clean it”. After the visit, he received in the Newton Hall a plaque from the Secretary General of Città della Scienza Vincenzo Lipardi as a sign of gratitude for the great support.The evening ended with the award of the original label of his grandfather’s pasta industry.

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