Telethon gives a mural to Città della Scienza for Ciccio and the fight against rare diseases

At the entrance of Città della Scienza, visitors will be welcomed by a colorful mural by the famous artist Flavio Carbonaro, aka SOLO. The drawing depicts a smiling boy dress up as a superhero and, behind him in the shadows, his small wheelchair. Beside, a researcher who looks at him enchanted, as if he would to take his force to get ahead in his job as a scientist.
The superhero is Francesco Caputo, said Ciccio, a neapolitan child, already testimonial of the Telethon Foundation, sadly died last February because of a rare genetic disease. To him the Telethon Foundation in collaboration with Rai Cinema has dedicated this work, symbolically located on the exterior wall of the theater Galilei 104 of Città della Scienza, not just for Ciccio’s neapolitan origins, but especially for the values ​​that bring together Telethon and Città della Scienza: bringing science and research to the general public.

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