Urban Creative City-Break

A total “Inspirational” meeting was held this October 25th, 2019 here in Città della Scienza with Urban Creative City-Break, the community of architects, designers, influencers and managers of the most representative realities of the contemporary world who have chosen this year Naples as a travel destination for professional training.

A 3-day urban exploration to get a closer look at the most vital and innovative realities to be inspired by the protagonists of the creative industry.

Città della Scienza was included among the 10 events of the Neapolitan stage of the UCCB 2019 program thanks to its mix of creativity, architecture, design, culture, innovation, mobility and urban development.

The community was accompanied by Luca Ballarini Founder & Creative Director of Bellissimo. For Città della Scienza the visit was led by Luigi Amodio, Director of the Science Center of Città della Scienza, Carla Giusti Director of Exit Exhibition Team, Mariano Iadanza, Head of Bic and Training. The Corporea museum and the location in general have determined so much enthusiasm and appreciation thanks to the exclusive design, the architecture and the landscape context, as a rare example of industrial archeology, commented by the architect and co-founder Massimo Pica Ciamarra.

An emotional and unconventional meeting that represents a unique opportunity to expand mutual professional networks.

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