Coworking is the new service offered by Campania Newsteel addressed to professionals, creatives, startuppers, designers, makers and programmers.
It is an alternative to traditional office that provides the possibility to use a workstation in a common space, in order to enjoy, with maximum flexibility, the system of networking opportunities, by sharing tools, ideas, experiences, know-how, designs, and creating synergies, contamination, collaborations.
This open space is equipped with desks, chairs, wi-fi, shelves, printer, scanner, a common telephone number, relax area, newspapers and magazines, common outdoor areas. Coworkers can also use meeting rooms, services of reception, security. There are also available a parking, fablab facilities, bar and restaurant.

To participate please subscribe the call.
Info available on
Ph (+39) +39 081.7352.402/435

Bring your ideas and be part of Città della Scienza



The new free service for young people between 18 and 35, that offer the chance to experience a new way for studying and/or working in a dynamic environment, qualified, for stimulating and sharing ideas, in a business and innovative setting up, in contact with the system of relations and opportunities of Città della Scienza.
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