D.RE.A.M. – Design and REsearch in Advanced Manufacturing – is one of the pillars of the Città della Scienza ecosystem. This large laboratory and experimentation centre is dedicated to innovative digital manufacturing technologies and the promotion of innovation in production processes. D.RE.A.M. welcomes young creatives, technologists, artisans, scientists, associations and the local community. Since its launch in 2015, D.RE.A.M. has become an international reference point for companies, start-ups, professionals and researchers working in the field of digital fabrication.

The value of smart connectivity lies in its ability to address current challenges, both in government and in the private sector. This involves promoting connectivity between individuals and professionals, even in small urban centres, for widespread and inclusive digitisation. Instead of enhancing existing connectivity, the focus is on smart connectivity, which is a key perspective for Manufacturing 4.0. Within a smart ecosystem, intense collaboration can generate significant synergies and benefits in terms of knowledge, culture and innovation, even for professionals and small companies with few resources to deal with the complexity of additive manufacturing processes. This approach broadens the base of potential users, including those who, until now, were excluded due to a lack of digital literacy or inadequate management.
Città della Scienza uses D.RE.A.M. as a tool to contribute to the realisation of Transition 4.0, focusing in particular on Southern Italy. In this context, research, technological innovation and the application of the 4.0 paradigm, circular economy and design are promoted. D.RE.A.M. supports training, research, development, internationalisation and technology transfer activities in the field of advanced manufacturing.

The challenge of D.RE.A.M. is to connect scientific research and society through project culture, which embraces different disciplines such as design, engineering, regenerative visions and overcoming anthropocentrism through ecosystems of people. The aim of D.RE.A.M. is to integrate itself into the varied entrepreneurial, craft and artistic fabric of Campania, which extends both vertically and horizontally. This includes the creation of recognised and consolidated industrial districts, such as the textile and clothing sector, agri-foodstuffs, leather and hide processing, and goldsmithing, as well as sectors that complement other areas of relevance in terms of both industrial capacity and research, such as aeronautics, the naval sector and biomedical applications.
In addition, there are various levels of hybridisation that often go beyond traditional classification schemes, based on a growing environmental and social sensitivity.

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